haLLuCinOgeN ciRcLe

friends complete the missing puzzle of life

Sunday, January 30, 2005


naku, pagdating sa dance moves?well, cno pb ang the best?xempre, wlang iba kundi si NOREEN CRUZ!!!choreographer toh ng section nmen eh!!!pamatay dance moves neto!!!the best tlga!!!khet anong dance,,,mapa-modern p yan, ethnic(ano un?),,break dance or khet ung cheer dance,,,just go 2 her,,,and she'll do her best,,,expert p yan mgturo g dance,,,patient!!!just giv her a song,,,and by d end of d day,,,or just even after an hour or two,,,tpos nia n ung dance steps pra dun,,astig tlga!!!

at ndi lng xa s dancing mgaleng,,,kc,,,known na s skul ang prowess ni noreen sa acting!!!npkadali niang umiyak(khet nga mrinig nia lng ang "all my life",,,iiyak n xa kgad!!!hehe!!!), at sobrang galeng in portraying different kinds of characters,,kya nga nging best actress to ng section nmen eh!!!oh db?best dancer n,,,best actress pa,,,oh, my laban k pb?

and cince she has the talent, plus the looks and the body,,,aba!!!,,,pede n tlga ilaban s bb. pilipinas!!!kc, talent plang,,,naku,,,talo n lhat!!!pero pra dun s mga may plan n sumali ng contest n un,,no nid to worry,,,kc ndi nmn pnangarap ni noreen mging beauty queen,,,modelling kc ang gus2 niang pasukin!!!

eniwei,,,noreen is into music, or shud i say she's into the artist itself?hehe!!!she lyks usher,,,britney,,,J.Lo,,,avril,,, and xempre,,,ang kanyang husband,,,si justin timberlake!!!she lyks RnB,hip hop, rap, dance&club music,alternative rock at pop dn minsan!!!hehe!!!

tpos,,,isa dn itong addict sa McDonald's french fries!!! 1 kilo nga nun eh kulang p s knya!!!grabe tlga!!!lalo na kung my ksmang float db?solve na!!!

she also loves movies,,,and xempre ung gumaganap dun s movie!!!she lyks colin farell(her 2nd husband, by d way,,hehe!!!),,,well, with that seductive eyes and gorgeous body,,,who wud not, ryt?un, bsta, she lyk colin and all his movies,,,phonebooth,,the recruit,at lhat2 n!!!

as a frend,,,c noreen ung sa2ma sau khet anong oras, khet anong araw!!!bsta, kylangan mo xa, she'll b der to d rescue!!!ganyan xa kbaet!!!olweis ready 2 listen to ur problems and ur innermost desires,,,understanding,,,at tlgang one true frend!!!

she's now a proud mary knollian,tma b?wat do u col b miriam students?miriamites?or mary knollians?eniwei, dun po xa nag-aaral taking up BA Communication Arts!!!astig,,,HALLUCINOGEN eh!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2005



wow!!!ang cute ng star!!!well,cno pb mgsa2bi nun kundi and smiley ng hallucinogen,,,xempre, ang adik s stars and evrything n color apple green,,,wlang iba kundi c DEBRA JANE BOZAR!!!pg bday nia, or xmas or valentines, or on any special occasion,,any gift okei s knya,,bsta my star!!!hehe!!!pro ndi nmn ung gift ang importante ,,,its the person hu givs u d gift db?

eniweis, at first glance, she luks so snobbish,super gurlash and conyo!!!prang it's hard 2 get along with her,,,prang mhrap xang i-approach!!!pro once n ngitian kn nia,,,naku!!!u'll see the most inviting smile u'll ever see in your entire lyf!!!then, ur first impressions would be d opposite!!!

ndi xa snob, friendly nga xa eh,,,approachable at mgaleng mgbigay ng advice...xa ung gurl n mgpa2gaan ng loob mo wenever my prob ka!!!nanjan xa lge pra s kada!!!

yeah,she's very gurlash, pro sporty!!!oh db?bhira ang mga ganyan,,gurly-gurl pro sporty!!!hehe!!!san kp db?un, she lyks ball games especially volleyball,at ang mganda p eh, lyk din xa ng volleyball!!!player nga yan eh!!!tpos pag xa n ung nag-serve,,,hay,,,with poise tlga!!!prang beauty queen!!!pro take note ha,,,khet mhin2 xa mag-serve,,,mganda p rin ung tira,,,definitely one of the best players tlga!!!

tpos ndi lng xa s sports mgaleng,,,aba!!!pti s dance, my panlban toh noh!!!at xempre,her motto in dancing?dance with poise!!!san kp?

pgdating s music, well, mgaleng dn c dez!!!magaleng n kumanta,mgaleng p mg-gitara!!!oh db?iba tlga pag HALLUCINOGEN,,talentado!!!

she's also one of the honest pipol ul ever meet!!!pag glet xa,galet xa,,,pag mhal nia,mhal nia!!!wlang plastikan!!totoong tao toh eh!!!

den as a frend, mabaet tlga c dez,,,thoughtful,sweet,generous,,,at xempre,,,maaasahan s panga2ilangan!!!tpos pretty gurl p,,,den she's also smart,,,khet ndi yan nag-aaral,,,highest p rin s exams,,,iba tlga!!!wat can u ask for db?

she's now taking BA Journalism in the royal and pontifical university of santo tomas,,,skul plang, astig n db?plus d course,,,well, mgaleng nmn tlga c dez in writings eh,,,so we're sure,,,she can do it,,,not just do it,,,but do it with flying colors!!!